The Secret Life Of The Tawny Owl DVD

My good friend Dave Culley is releasing a new film that I have helped him with ( filming links, voice over and DVD cover design )

Whilst being a relatively common bird in the UK it is a bird that is normally heard but not seen...until now. Capturing behaviour at nightime was challanging but more so was the fact that the owls were much more active in the daytime then anyone could have thought. Filming on his own most of the time this meant that Dave managed only 4 hours of sleep a day during the breeding season, needing to be ready to film the other 20 hours.

It took nearly 5 years to complete with unparalled dedication from Dave to acheive the final result which with never seen before footage, the Secret Life Of The Tawny Owl is revealed in intimate detail.

It can be purchased here priced £15 including P&P - A brilliant Xmas present for bird lovers and nature watchers the world over!!!

To buy my photo used on the back cover please click on the photo below or click here

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